Monday, April 15, 2013

Creating Bow-Ties

So, my brother has become fascinated with bow-ties recently, so I decided to crochet him one. Fun colors, and it didn't take too long either. He loves it and even wore it the Sunday I brought it home for him.

I'm also working on learning how to knit, but that's a slow process. I'm not sure if I'll switch, but I know I want to try something new. I'll post pictures of what I've made when I have the chance.

My wedding is next month, and I'm getting ready to crochet some roses (if I can find any good patterns, if not, I'll try to knit a couple) for my hubby-to-be's groomsmen and my maid of honor (who is my brother). I'll post them, should I decide to create them, and even pictures of my wedding next month.

Hope all is well with you, fellow readers!
Until next time!