Sunday, September 7, 2014

Been A While, Huh?

So, I've been terrible at posting lately. I haven't for months, in fact, and that's not good for me. Or for y'all, since I know you enjoy seeing all the things I've made. So, over the next few days (with a couple days in between), I'll be posting everything I've been working on for the last few months. It won't be a lot, sadly, because I've been working - subbing actually - so my crochet/crafty time has been narrowed a bit. I'm saving up for my new cellphone bill, student loans, and a chance to finish up my schooling.

This is the beach bag I started on my trip to Corpus Christi for a stay at a friend's condo next to the beach and a trip to the Lexington and Texas State Aquarium. It's a pretty wide base, bigger than I thought it'd be, but I'm not fond of the handles. If I do this bag again, I may make one large handle to go over the shoulder. Or at least make both handles longer to go over the shoulder. Or something. I'll let ya know.
The link to this pattern can be found in the Free Patterns page, found above!

Beach bag finished! Going to do the handles differently next time...
So, since there are lots of patterns out there in the great wide web, here's something you might enjoy:
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Until next time, my dear readers!