Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Round-Up for Today!

Since I had nothing to post (or rather, nothing I'd want to post just yet, saving as much as I can for my Advent Calendar this upcoming December), I figured I'd start posting Round-Ups for you. While I haven't gotten time to make my own round-ups yet (something I may do in the future on Saturdays, instead of posting these), I have found tons of these all over Facebook and the blogs I read.

This one is an awesome set of 50 Patterns that Fiber Flux has found - and each one of them uses buttons! Lots and lots of buttons!

You can check out this marvelous round-up here:
Be sure to drop by her Facebook page too and give it a "Like".

I'm getting ready for my annual Crochet Advent Calendar - looking for people to add to my list to give free advertising during those 25 days. I'm getting all my Christmas presents finished and starting my list for Christmas commissions. (Which I'm taking orders until Thanksgiving; after that, I won't have time. The cut off may be sooner if I get too much on my list and feel like I won't have enough time.) So, stop by Kota's CC on Facebook and put an order in today!

Friday, October 17, 2014

I'm Horrible - So Have Some Updates

I haven't posted in so long, I know. I've been up and down and working (Substitute Teacher in San Angelo Independent District, so that's several schools that I can go and sub at. It's fantastic!) and a bit sick. Oh, and my husband has a job now (starts on the Oct. 20), so life will be a little more crazy in the coming weeks (or month).

If you'd like to check out some patterns, I'm doing a whole months worth of round-ups and free pattern offers on my Facebook Page: Kota's Crochet Creations. I've got several round-ups and a few free pattern offers (though they have most likely expired by now).

I have gotten my PayPal account up and working, or at least I think I do, so I can now accept payment through PayPal. Huzzah!

I am working on my Advent Calendar for this year. I've gotten a handful of things done, though I am in dire need of things to make for it. Oops... Kinda slacking on it. So much for trying to get a head start on it. Got my first Christmas order of the year, so that's great. Speaking of...

I am taking orders up until Thanksgiving of this year. Sooner if I feel like I'm overwhelmed and may not finish all of them in time.

I'll post a photo of what I've done this month in a few days, just to prove that I'm still crocheting, though I'm terrible at posting. Thank you all who have stuck with me and even glanced at my blog. I'm trying hard to keep up with it and my new crazy life. I'll try and post at least once a week, on Saturdays, if nothing else. I greatly appreciate everyone who has stayed with me and will continue to do so!

Keep Hookin' y'all!

A little donation button for me, if you feel like it. To all who do, thank you very much. I greatly appreciate it.